The School of Environmental Science and Engineering at SUSTech is committed to becoming an innovative training ground for top talents in the field of environmental science and engineering in China, an international center of excellence for environmental science and engineering research, and a national platform for the original innovation and industrialization of advanced environmental protection technologies.

We aim to cultivate talents who have both depth and breadth in fundamental knowledge and professional skills, a good overall understanding of the current state and future directions of the discipline, proficiency in at least one foreign language, good writing and international communication skills , a rigorous attitude towards scientific work, and the ability to undertake independent innovative research.

Research Areas

The primary research areas of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering include

The faculty in Environmental Science conduct research in such subject areas as water resources and water quality, biogeochemical cycling, environmental pollution and health risks, and global environmental change.

The  faculty in Environmental Engineering conduct research in such subject areas as soil and groundwater contamination and remediation, air pollution control, municipal solid waste recycling, and water treatment.

The faculty in Eco-hydrology conduct research in such subject areas as integrated ecological and hydrologic processes in large watersheds, river restoration, and sustainable management of water resources and ecosystem health.