Students cultivated by the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at SUSTech should not only possess comprehensive capabilities in scientific research, design and development, teaching and management in their own and relevant disciplines, but also have strong international vision, innovation spirit and teamwork and leadership skills, enabling them to solve major problems and challenges in engineering science through the integrated application of mechanical and other theories and methods.

Graduates can engage in scientific research in engineering application, development and manufacturing of innovative products, R&D and application of new materials, technologies and processes, and engineering management  Alternatively,they can continue their postgraduate studies in their own disciplines and relevant disciplines, or undertake scientific research, development, teaching and management in various enterprises, research institutions, colleges and universities, and public institutions.

Research Areas

The teaching and scientific research of the Department involve robotics and automation, innovative design, advanced manufacturing and energy engineering, which are further divided into the five research directions of intelligent manufacturing, prototype manufacturing and 3D printing, high precision machining technology, robotics and automation, and energy engineering.

In the future, the Department will make full use of its current advantages in regional platform and resources to facilitate the incubation and R&D of state-of-the-art technologies in the field of mechanics, cultivate elites in the field of mechanics and energy, and promote the development and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.