The Department of Materials Science and Engineering aims to cultivate high-quality scientific and technological talents possessing solid theoretical knowledge of materials science and engineering, and cutting-edge materials R&D and characterization technologies, good English and computer skills, and engagement in high-tech materials R&D and interdisciplinary cooperation.Graduates may work on the design and R&D of new materials, technologies and processes in their own disciplines, and can go on to devote themselves to scientific research, development, teaching and management at all kinds of enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and public institutions.

The research areas of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering are divided into Material Processing Engineering, Materials for Energy and Environment, Biological Materials, Functional Materials and Metallic Materials.

The research contents of Material Processing Engineering include high-precision micro-processing technology, additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, multi-scale embedded technology for materials and energy, composite processing engineering, etc.

The research contents of Materials for Energy and Environment include new solar cell material systems, electrochemical reaction mechanisms and their impact on the environment, environmentally friendly battery materials and devices, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.

The research contents of Biological Materials include the mechanical and physical properties of micro/nano biological materials, drug delivery and release carrier materials, biological sensing materials, biological imaging materials, etc.

The research contents of Functional Materials include organic semiconductor materials and devices, self-assembly and bionic assembly of organic polymers, polymer engineering and composite materials, colloidal dispersion systems and applications, functional ceramics, etc.

The research contents of Metallic Materials include light structure metallic materials, biomedical metallic material, metal matrix composites, metallic nanomaterials, amorphous metallic materials, etc.