Students cultivated by the Department of Finance should have a solid grasp of the knowledge, skills, methods and theories of economics and finance, familiarity with the direction of modern financial development and the ability to engage in the relevant specialized work of banking, securities, investment, insurance and other economic management sectors and enterprises.

They should not only have international vision but also the ability to deeply analyze and solve practical financial problems in China; in particular, they should be able to lead Chinese capital to the world, with professional qualities and capabilities that allow them to ‘Grasp the moon in the Ninth Heaven (macroscopically) and seize the turtles deep down in the Five Seas (microscopically)’.

The Department has cultivated a large number of financial doctors and masters, many of whom work in renowned financial institutions inside and outside China (including Goldman Sachs, Standard & Poor's, Bosera Asset Management, Tianhong Asset Management, Jane Street Capital, etc.) where they become senior managers after graduation.

Research Areas

The research areas of the Department of Finance are divided into

Chinese Finance,

Corporate Finance,

Investment Banking and Fund Management,

Financial Technology

and Insurance and Actuary.

Research areas of Corporate Finance include both theoretical and empirical research on capital structure, M&A, banking, corporate bond, international corporate finance and financial accounting. Our research focus are financial questions emerging form China's gradual transition and reform. Exploration of these questions will be valuable and timely to both policy making and industrial practice.

The research contents of Investment Banking and Fund Management include business mergers and acquisitions, listing and financing, transactional sales, investment management and other banking businesses, as well as mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds and other asset management technologies.

The research contents of Insurance and Actuary include insurance supervision, insurance actuarial science, insurance investment, insurance financial management, insurance capital mergers and acquisitions, internet insurance, insurance big data and insurance marketing.