The Department of Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) at SUSTech aims to build up a world-leading program of research and education in Earth and Space Sciences. The studies in ESS concern everything from the very center of the inner Earth to the characters of the planets in outer space. We seek to advance understanding of the natural world and strive to conduct research that can provide science-based answers to many of the challenging societal questions of our time: natural and environmental hazards, natural energy resources, space exploration, etc. In the meantime, our department offers rigorous hands-on training to students and prepares them to be future leaders in academia, government and industry.

The research in ESS can be divided into four categories:

Geophysics is a subject of natural sciences concerned with the internal structure, formation and evolution of the Earth. The research areas of Geophysics include seismology, geomagnetism, geoelectrics, gravitology, earth interior physics, geodynamics, exploration geophysics, engineering geophysics, etc.

Geodesy is the study of the topography and deformation of the Earth’s surface via man-made earth satellites and other space probes in orbit.

Space Physics comprises the study of all kinds of physical phenomena in the solar atmosphere, interplanetary space and geo-space, as well as their dynamic processes. 

Planetary Science, originally growing from earth science, is the scientific study of planets and planetary systems and the processes that form them, aiming to determine their physical properties, chemical compositions as well as interior structures and to understand their dynamics, formation and history.