The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at SUSTech cultivates high-quality scientific and technological talents with solid theoretical knowledge of computer science and technology, a primary understanding of the design principles of cutting-edge computer systems, corresponding R&D capabilities and the ability to be engaged in R&D in computer science and technology and relevant disciplines.With regard to postgraduate cultivation, the Department adheres to the current international mode and cooperates with internationally renowned colleges and universities in its cultivation of PhDs.

In this way, students can become compatible with overseas education and life while staying in China, giving them a wider range of career choices in the future.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering focuses on the five research areas of

  • computing intelligence

  • data science

  • autonomous systems

  • computer systems and networks

  • computer theory

Specifically, these areas involve machine learning, computing intelligence, cognitive robotics, big data analysis and cloud computing, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, next generation intelligent wireless networks, intelligent cognitive sensing, mobile and wearable wireless sensor-actuator systems, service computing, network security, cryptology and application, intelligent pervasive computing, etc.