College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (iCollege) was established in August 2016, to keep pace with the latest trend of scientific and technological innovation, as well as the current requirements for talent cultivation. As one of the six colleges at SUSTech, iCollege represents an important step forward in the construction of the international Sci-Tech industry in Shenzhen. iCollege is committed to support the sustainable economic and social development through the research, development and application of advanced technologies, and the cultivation of all-round talent who possesses the capability of technology, design, business and humane thinking, and leads the industries with great passion, profound knowledge, and top design and management experience.

At present, iCollege has ten innovation centers oriented towards cutting-edge industries, and is planning to build a department of industrial design.

Industrial design is the primary discipline of iCollege. The Department of Industrial Design provides a strong faculty and well-equipped teaching facilities that comprise the Design Lab, Technology Lab, Business Lab, User Lab and Culture Lab.

Our innovation centers serve as the scientific research training platforms for postgraduates, which are oriented towards the following industries: intelligent manufacturing, advanced materials, key scientific instruments, biomedical engineering, data science, intelligence science and engineering, micro/nano electronics technology and system, aerospace technology, biopharma, water treatment and earth repairing, etc. 

The innovation centers cooperate with other departments or colleges at SUSTech and the world-class colleges and universities, as well as high-tech enterprises and representative users, to form a four-level collaborative innovation structure that covers fundamental research, applied research, industrial development and demonstration application, to drive the original innovation.

iCollege has established close industry-university collaboration and formed a complete organizational system of innovation and entrepreneurship. The partners include the asset company, incubator, investment company, science park with SUSTech, as well as other well-known enterprises and social organizations, such as Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI), Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), Huawei, ZTE, DJI, BOE, CETC and ENN, etc.